Travel agents

If you are a tour operator, travel agency or local activities provider we will be happy to refer to you some of our customers who may appreciate your help.

Those are qualified leads – users who have done their research and decided on a specific destination. Please contact us for the details.

Booking sites

Most of Alterra’s functionality will soon be available white-label, via an API.

Alterra can help you convert visitors who have not made their mind on where exactly to go to into paying customers.

Free-form site search

Alterra can power your site search, extending it to fuzzy queries like “a spa”, “a ski resort” or “romantic getaway”. We can also provide faceted search to help your users to further drill down by weather, duration, distance from home, etc.


Alerra is a discovery engine. It may prompt your site visitors to book a trip to a destination they won’t otherwise think about.

Visual destination guide

You can use Alterra’s visual “abridged world travel guide” to give your users a one-glance overview of various resorts, attractions and destinations. This will help to grab their attention, reducing the bounce rate and increasing conversion.

Recommendations – "Pandora for vacations"

Alterra can power your recommendations -- based on similarity in vibe and available activities rather than geographic proximity. E.g., a user searching hotels in or flights to New Zealand would be recommended to consider Norway, Iceland and Tierra del Fuego. Likewise, a customer who had purchased tickets to New Zealand in the past will receive email offers highlighting Norway, Iceland and Tierra del Fuego.

Please contact us for the details.

AdWords marketing

We can help with your AdWords marketing campaign. If you want to bid on, say, "skiing vacations" our SERP for ‘skiing’ would be an ideal landing page.

Data providers

If you want to suggest additional destinations, attractions, activities, online resources, mobile travel guides, better images, videos, etc. – please use the form below (or write to us)

Sorry, mobile version is not available yet. Please visit us from desktop (iPad OK).